Dublin Council of Trade Unions: 20,000 Attend Dublin Protest

A protest was held in Dublin today against austerity measures and in favour of job creation.

The event was organised by the Dublin Council of Trade Unions but gained support from many other organisations.

Earlier media reports had stated the protest was “low-key” and had only 2,000 people present, yet this was disputed by those in actually in attendance.

The Dublin Council of Trade Unions posted on their Facebook page (see below) that there were actually as many as 20,000 at the march.

Facebook post

“Todays march, the gardai and the RTE beancounters need a urgent maths revision course. From O’Connell Bridge back to Parnell Sq was filled with marchers, they estimate 2,000. From a platform view it was close to 20,000.”
Dublin Council of Trade Unions on their Facebook page.

The following video was posted November 22nd on YouTube.com in relation to the protest:

The match was supported by various organisations including ICTU, SIPTU, Unite, Mandate, the United Left Alliance, Sinn Féin, Independent TDs and various other community groups.