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What can you use a personal loan for?

You can use the money for a personal loan on whatever you like, a car, travel or general bills.

Some types of loans such as car finance is designed specially to help you purchase something.

Debt consolidation loans are designed to help you consolidate your debts, but like any loan you can use the money for what is best for your circumstances.

What is the difference between a personal and unsecured loan?

A secured loan is secured against property that you own, such as a house or apartment.

Because the lender has more security you are more likely to get a better rate of interest from a secured loan.

An unsecured personal loan is not secured against property, which usually means that personal loans have a higher rate of interest.

However not everyone owns property or wants to use it as security on a loan.

Using your property as security incurs a risk as if you are unable to repay your loan you may have to forfeit your property.

Which companies and organisations offer loans in Ireland?

Depending on the type of loan you are looking for there are a variety of places you can get a loan in Ireland.

You might be able to get a suitable personal loan from the high street banks, local credit unions, or an online loan provider.

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