How to get a cheap car loan in Ireland?

Getting a car loan in Ireland at the moment isn’t an easy task.

Hopefully after reading our quick car loans guide you may be more informed and find the right car loan deal for your circumstances.

Where to get a car loan in Ireland?

At the moment in Ireland not a lot of people are buying cars, so it may be possible to get a car loan deal if you look in the right places.

Car loan from the dealer

If you are buying a new car, the first place to look will be to see if the garage/car-dealership offer a car finance deal. This may even include insurance or other added extras.

As always make sure you check the deal throughly and make a note of all the payment details, including the interest rate.

Car loan from the bank

You could try speaking to your existing bank to find out if they offer a car finance/loans scheme.

At time of writing AIB were advertising car loans on their website, as are the Bank of Ireland.

How to get a car loan with bad credit in Ireland?

Getting car finance is never guaranteed, but there are many dealerships that want to make sale and car finance deals at existing banks.

It is always important to speak to a professional before making any financial decisions.