Banking stress test and shares suspension of Allied Irish Banks and Bank of Ireland Shares

Economists are today awaiting the results of the banking stress tests conducted by the Irish Central Bank.

The Central Bank have assessed the big four banks and money lenders: Allied Irish Banks, Bank of Ireland, the Educational Building Society and Irish Life & Permanent.

Today it was announced that AIB and BOI would suspend trading of their stocks temporarily.

It was reported by the Central Bank that they had been contacted by the Irish Stock Exchange that shares had been suspended. The suspended shares will take affect from 6.30am Thursday.

This joined IL&P’s decision to halt trading of its stock, a day after it was speculated that the government may take stake in the troubled lender.

Ireland’s biggest pension and home loan provider requested a suspension of its shares in both Dublin and London.

The stress test results are currently set for publication at 4.30pm on Thursday.